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Configuration and Data Management

Configuration Management (CM)
The scope of this Work Area provides support to configuration management planning, identification, control, status and accounting, and verification for MSFC Programs and Projects as well as other Agency and MSFC institutional activities. This support applies to Configuration Management Policy and Requirements as well as all Program and Project Configuration Data for both hardware and software end items. The Configuration Management contractor provides innovative methods and ideas to support the modernization of Configuration Management as a discipline. Typical Configuration Management task capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing Configuration Management expertise and planning data.
  • Providing a configuration item hierarchy, CM related review package requirements for all technical reviews. The contractor shall verify that CM success criteria for each review are met.
  • Providing Configuration Control Processes and Support.
  • Providing Configuration Data Status and Accounting Reports.
  • Providing Configuration Management Program and Project Assessment auditor(s) and reports.
  • Participating in Functional Configuration Audits (FCAs) and Physical. Configuration Audits (PCAs) and providing the necessary expertise and data to meet audit objectives.
  • Supporting the development of CM automation capabilities through requirements input and technical collaboration with the CIO Organization.
  • Providing CM representation at all Control Boards Activities that manage configuration data, planning, or requirements.

Data Management (DM)

The MSFC data systems serve thousands of users within the Center, associated support staff, research communities, and the public. These data systems also support dozens of systems and user groups, multiple development projects, and a varied set of processing platforms which comprise varied enterprise architectures across multiple programs,projects, and directorates. The platforms on which these capabilities reside are currently resident on various sets of tools and configurations. To respond to the agency's business and modernization objectives, the center has developed a CIO Enterprise-Wide data initiative to improve the quality of data services which responds to a number of programmatic and technological drivers that are changing the way the Center satisfies future data needs. The initiative will gradually integrate MSFC into an optimized MSFC Services Oriented (Data) Architecture (SOA) over time; the data management tasking against this contract shall support this evolving CIO effort as it progresses.

This Work Area provides the Data Management planning, processes, and implementation strategies that leverage the automated capabilities development to support the CIO Enterprise-Wide Program and Project initiative vision for all MSFC data assets, databases and data services.